Welcome to the Christian Comic & Pop Culture Convention!

Saturday September 21st 2019 from 10AM to 6PM
at the First Baptist Church of Downey in Downey, CA

The Christian Comic Arts Society will be hosting Alpha Omega Con V, Saturday, September 21st, 2019 at The First Baptist Church of Downey, 8333 2nd St., Downey, California 90241. The Alpha Omega Con is the first and longest running Christian/family themed comic book/pop culture convention in the United States.

The times of the Alpha Omega Con will be from 10am to 6pm.   You can order tickets through iTickets for only $5 by clicking here, or pay $10 at the door.  You can find The Alpha Omega Con on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AlphaOmegaCon.

It is by the grace of our Lord that He has allowed the CCAS to host this event for the past five years, making the longest running and still the only Christian themed comic book convention in the United States since 2014. As the popularity of fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes continues to grow and impact our culture, comic cons are springing up across the nation, where there is at least a comic con going on somewhere across the United States every weekend.  There are comic cons that have Jewish themes and African American themes and LGBTQ themes.

It is our prayer that if it’s the Lord’s will, that other Christian fans of pop/geek culture will start a comic con at their local church to reach out to the community of fellow believers who may be apprehensive about fantasy, sci fi, and superheroes and let them know that you can enjoy Star Wars and not lose your salvation.  We can reach out to our friends in geek culture who do not know Christ and let them know that there are Christians, who don’t condemn them to eternal punishment for reading Harry Potter.

Our love for comic books, fantasy, and all things geeky could be that bridge to letting people know of a greater love that God has for them through Christ, His Son.  We, at the CCAS, pray that you would come out and enjoy the Alpha Omega Con.