Alpha Omega Con IV Program


Alpha Omega Con IV Program Scheduling

10:30-11:20am Room 1

Geeky Guys for God- The Geeky Guys for God (GG4G) has connected with other Christians and similar groups (Christian Comic Arts Society, Geeks 4 Christ, and Fans for Christ) to help build a network to reach people while at comic cons (San Diego Comic Con International, Wonder Con, and the Alpha Omega Con). GG4G has approached San Diego and Wonder Con as a missionary field for the last four years and has been a part of the combine worship service the last 4 years. Join us as we discuss the ministry and its future, Geeky Gals 4 GOD, and how we can connect with you. We will conduct our traditional quiz (fun prizes for the winners.

10:30-11:20am Room 3

Improvised Cosplay- Cosplayers will discuss techniques when creating costumes for comic book conventions and other venues. Panelist include Eric Cajiuat, Holly Knevelbaard, Helen Frederick, and moderated by Joshua Caleb Potter.

11:00-11:50am Room 2

Rethinking Horror- What can Christians learn from watching horror movies? In a genre often dismissed as “demonic”, we find themes and imagery that can resonate on an emotional and spiritual level. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and more will be discusses as we try to find value in horror. Moderated by Tyler Smith, with Pastor Frederick Price Jr.,Reed Lackey, Josh Burns, Nathan Rouse, and Jason Eaken.

11:30am-12:20pm Room 1

How Faith Interacts with Creativity- As artists, many Christians feel that the Lord has called them to use their gift of creativity in the field of the Arts and Pop Culture. However, in a culture where creativity seems to be at odds with a Christian’s sense of Scriptural morality, how does one integrate their creativity with their faith and not compromise their Christian ethics. Panelist will discuss this topic integrating creativity with faith. Geoff Strout host of The Faithful Creative Show will moderate, with panelists Eric Cajiuat, Bryan Mero, Carmi Fellwock, and Rory Shoaf.

11:30am-12:20pm Room 3

How to Fight without Getting Killed- Basic stage combat techniques for safe action scenes for plays and movies. Stephen Weese will be the moderator.

1:00-1:50pm Room 2

Creating 3D Characters in a 2D World- Panelists will discuss concrete tips on how to develop three dimensional characters that are compelling and engage the audience. Receive advice from industry professionals and gifted writers as they discuss strategies they use in developing characters of depth. Moderated by Dr. Thomas Parham, with Kevin Yong, Buzz Dixon, and Wayne Gardiner.

1:30-2:20pm Room 1

Safe Haven Games- When it came to creating a game, Safe Haven thought it was important to first and foremost make a good game. If the quality is there, people will be drawn to it and that’s when you can engage with them and make an impact. Second they believed that whatever you produce stands in line with Godly standards. Come hear the vision of Safe Haven as they aspire to bring both light and excellence to the gaming community.

1:30-2:20pm Room 3

Million Laughs Comedy- Host by Will Morton of Million Laughs Comedy will present a clean, family-friendly comedy show (similar to what you would find in any comedy club- without the profanity!) The show will consist of a stand –up comedy routine. Performers include Kenny Jones, Nancy Jo Perdue, Keith Michael Ashton, plus a special guest.

2:00-2:50pm Room 2

How to Get Your Project Funded and Published- This panel will provide vital information on how to get your project funded and published. Panelist will include Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid), Clint D. Johnson (Faith Walker), Luis Serrano (Rooted Chronicles), Brett Burner (LAMPpOST), and moderated by Ian Trout.

2:30-3:20pm Room 1

Spiritual Themes in Comics- The panel that has been hosted by the Christian Comic Arts Society for over 18 years at Comic Con International at San Diego, will have its first appearance at Alpha Omega Con III. With religion and spirituality at the forefront of recent world events, panelists will discuss the influence of spiritual themes in comics and pop culture. They will delve into the importance of spirituality to the culture as communicated through comics and other related media. Panelists include Travis Hanson (Beanleaf Press), B Dave Walters (Talk Radio Host “Rise Up”), Eric Jansen (Foursquare Mission Press), Pastor Frederick K.C. Price (Crenshaw Christian Center) and moderator Dr. Thomas Parham (Azusa Pacific University).

2:30-3:20pm Room 3

Voice Acting- Voice acting professionals will be sharing their experiences and expertise in the field of voice acting. Moderated by Stephen Weese, panelists will include Katie Leigh, Townsend Coleman, Helen Frederick, and Nathan Hall.

3:00-3:50pm Room 2

Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy- With DC’s new cinematic universe in full swing, it’s important to look back at the films that put Batman back on the map. We’ll look back at the themes of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, including Bruce Wayne’s father figures, the Joker’s philosophy, and Batman’s ultimate sacrifice. Moderated by Tyler Smith, with Jason Eaken, Josh Burns, Joe Queen, Nathan Potter, and Josh Long.

3:30-4:20pm Room 1

Breaking in Without Selling Out- In an entertainment culture that can come into direct contradiction with Christian ethics, how can you become successful in that culture and not compromise your Christian values. Panelists will discuss their success in the industry, while still maintaining their values. Moderated by Leo Partible, with Mike S. Miller, Eric Ninaltowski, and Scott A. Shuford.

3:30-4:20pm Room 3

Full Time Creative Work on a Part Time Schedule- This is for anyone with a goal. It discusses the vital basics of group management and networking as base concepts that can be applied to any project, in any media, at any level from amateur to professional purposes as well as any geek or creative culture (comics, design, animation, cosplay, and blogging). Having a goal, good idea, discipline, and skills is only the start of what you need for your project to succeed. Knowing the basics of group organization, working with a group without mortally wounding each other is THE difference between the success or failure of your project and possible friendships. Achieving your goal rests with everyone helping each other with the skills, training, or talent no one individual has. The panel is a mix of speaking, questions, and some short interactive applications.

4:00-5:50pm Room 2

Learning the Basics of Speaking Quenya- Ever want to learn a second language? Did you ever wonder about that elvish language in Lord of the Rings? Come learn the basics of J.R.R. Tolkein’s fascinating created language. Will Morton will be conducting a workshop on speaking and writing Quenya, the language spoken by the Elves in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and get in touch with your inner Hobbit.

4:30-5:20pm Room 1

Gender Roles in Comics and related Media: Bias vs. Biblical- What is the role of women in comics and related media. Is it to wear tight spandex and strike suggestive poses? Is it to be a subordinate to a male counterpart? While characters like Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn have experienced recent success, have we reached a point where women are portrayed as equal to men? Panelist will discuss women’s roles in pop culture. Moderated by Buzz Dixon, panelists will include Holly Knevelbaard, Carmi Fellwock, Leo Partible, and Colleen Bennett.

4:30-5:20pm Room 3

How to Shoot a Movie in 60 Minutes or Less- Did you ever think about producing a movie, but you just could not find the time. Film maker Mike Shields will be teaching techniques on how to shoot a movie in 60 minutes or less.