Geekdom Wear  A-1/A-2 

Mike Kunkel   A-3 

M25:20 Media Inc.   A-4 

LAMP PoST Publishers  A-5/A-6 

Dex Davis: Gospel Animated Series   A-7

Christina Todd  B-1

Safe Haven Games  B-3 

Photobooth  C-1

Devine Fire Studios  C-2/C-3 

Mike S. Miller  C-4/C-5

Geeky Guys For God  C-6 

Heroic Art Studios  C-7 

Dawson Perler Parlor  D-1 

A Shop Called Quest  D-2

CJ Comics n’ Stuff    D-3

Dazzling Lobes  D-4

E-82   E-1 

Spirit Knight  E-2 

Fans for Christ  E-3

Key to Imagination  E-4 

Center for Prayer Moblization   E-5 

Beartruth Collective  E-6

More Than One Lesson  F-1

Dakota Kid Creations    F-2

Pop Culture Replicas   F-3

God and Country Graphics  F-4

Christian Comic Arts Society   F-5

Eggizo Entertainment   F-6

Crucidel Productions   G-1

R-Squared Comicz G-2

Rooted Chronicles  G-2

Beanleaf Press   G-3

Epitrope Media Enterprises   G-4

GC Comics   G-5

Jesus Otaku  G-6

AmenNation  H-1

For the Honor Forge  H-2

Katie Leigh  H-3

If you are interested in exhibiting at Alpha Omega Con, please download and return the form below:
Exhibitor Vendor Registration

-6′ x 5′ booths/tables
-Not all spaces have electrical outlets.
-Any displays must be free standing. Exhibitor/vendor will not be allowed to attach any display items to the walls.
-Exhibitors will receive three exhibitor badges.

The last day for Exhibitor/Vendor Registration will be September 2, 2016

For any Exhibitor related questions please email us at alphaomegacon20@gmail.com