Cosplay Guidelines

Cosplay and costuming is a big part of many comic book and pop culture conventions.  However, because the Alpha Omega Con can act as an introduction of this aspect of pop culture to the participants and the wider Christian community, we have put together this set of guidelines for the attendees. If you have any questions about our costuming rules, please contact us directly at  All Rules are subject to change without notice.

Weapons and Props Policy
All costume weapons and props must conform to state and federal law. No real/genuine/ authentic/actual weapons are allowed! Costume weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons.

Real weapons of any kind are NOT permitted at this convention. This includes, but is not limited to: guns, knives, swords, bows and arrows, spears, whips, mace and tasers.   Any prop or weapon which is illegal in the United States or in the state of California is prohibited.

Projectiles are forbidden. Weapons which are capable of firing projectiles (examples: Nerf guns, bows, etc.) must be rendered inoperable. Metal weapons (with or without sharp edges) are not permitted. Prop weapons should be made of lightweight materials such as foam, cardboard, or plastic.

When you leave the Alpha Omega Con premises, please put away any weaponry, even if it clearly appears to be fake/replica/prop so as to avoid any misunderstandings with the members of the local community,  security, and/or law enforcement personnel.

Military Dress
If you intend to wear a uniform that looks realistic, please distinguish that it is a costume. Basic rule: If your clothing could be confused with local law enforcement, please don’t wear it. Hateful symbols are not welcome at this convention.  Historical costumes can be great, but reminders of unspeakable atrocities are not appropriate.

No inappropriate signs. Convention staff has the final say.  Signs offering free favors or favors for sale such as kisses, hugs, dates, gropes, spankings, etc. are strictly prohibited.

Exercising Good Judgment
The Alpha Omega Con is a Christian themed, faith based, family-friendly event.  Costumes must comply with federal, state and local laws and customs of public decency.  We ask that costumers keep this in mind when fashioning their outfits.  If you are not sure if your costume fits within this parameter, please email the cosplay staff at

Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed—this should include proper undergarments. Wear protective footwear at all times. This means some sort of hard sole. Bare or stocking feet are not sufficient. We know a lot of characters like to run around barefoot, but since they are fictional, they don’t have to worry about tetanus.

Men/women wearing any forms of negligee, body paint alone, and simulated nudity is forbidden.

Any costumes with limited visibility or movement we strongly recommend having a “handler” to help with crowd navigation and safety.  If staff deem your lack of a handler to constitute a safety risk you will be asked to change.   Costumes must fit through a standard doorway.  Only props which are part of a costume will be allowed.

We would to thank you who participate in cosplay/costuming to be respectful of the Christian/ faith based/ family friendly environment. the Alpha Omega Con would ask for your expertise to be watchful for suspicious persons and report your suspicions to convention staff.

Failure to comply with the rules outlined will result in the loss of your badge and expulsion from the convention.

The Alpha Omega Con is not responsible for damage incurred to your costume during the con, and the staff reserves the right to ask you to change and/or leave the premises if your outfit does not comply with these rules.  The Alpha Omega Con management and staff reserve the right to alter rules or policies to protect public safety or ensure a safe and successful convention. No refunds will be provided for those guests who refuse to comply with the foregoing rules and are forced to leave the premises.

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