Featured Guests 2019

Buzz Dixon


Buzz Dixon has written cartoons, comic books, and science fiction stories.  He has written for such beloved animated classics such as G.I. Joe, The Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He has also written comics for both Marvel and Eclipse.  Clearly he has “the write stuff”.

Jason Lewis

Voice Actor

Jason Lewis is a voice actor best known for such roles as Superman from the Justice League Animated Series, and Donkey from Swamp Talk with Shrek and Donkey.

B. Dave Walters

Podcast Host

B. David Walters, when not traveling the country storytelling and motivating, can currently be hear on the RPG inspired livestream; “The Vampire: The Masquerade – Los Angeles By Night.”  He is currently co-hosting “Ask Your Black Geek Friend” on Geek and Sundry.  He can be seen and heard at San Diego Comic Con and Wonder Con.

Justin Cowden

Voice Actor

Justin Cowden is a voice actor best known for such roles as Hayner from Kingdom Hearts and Guaca from Emperors New School.

Jonathan Cook

Voice Actor

Jonathan Cook is a voice actor best known for such roles as Delta 7 in Star Wars: Republic Commando and Big Guy in Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot as well as both Earl and Urun in the video game Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Travis Hanson

Comic Book Artist & Illustrator

Travis Hanson is an Eisner nominated fantasy illustrator with a huge imagination. His works include comics, children’s art, fantasy and just fun illustrations that encourages the need for people to be creative.

Clint Johnson

Comic Book Artist & Writer

Clint DeRon Johnson is a blend of writer/ illustrator /designer. Clint is best known as the creator of the comic character Matthew Cross: Faith Walker and co-creator of Lil Rock and the Hi-ups. Johnson is also a poet /spoken word artist appearing under the stage name Saint Ice.

Stephen Weese

Voice Actor

Stephen is a voice actor with notable roles in the anime Hellsing Ultimate and Kick-Heart, as well as audiobooks and video games. Also a film actor, he stars in the sci-fi/action Altered Spirits.

Pastor Fred K.C. Price, Jr.

Pastor & Speaker

While Pastor Fred Price Jr. shepherds at Crenshaw Christian Center and is regularly featured on the “Ever Increasing Faith” broadcast, he is also a comic book aficionado with a passion for the comic book medium and a desire to write graphic novels in the near future.

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