Safe Haven Games 10:30am Room 119
When it came to creating a game, Safe Haven thought it was important to first and foremost make a good game. If the quality is there, people will be drawn to and that’s when you can engage with them and make an impact. Second, they believe that whatever you produce stands in line with Godly standards. Come hear the vision of Safe Haven as they aspire to bring both light and excellence to the gaming community.
You Can’t Do That in Christian Media 11:00am Room 116
Panelist will discuss what are the real and perceived limits in Christian media? Panelists in Kevin Grevioux, Carmi Greene, Josh Burns , and moderated by Dr. Thomas Parham.
How to Create Comic Book Characters 11:00am Room 120
Wayne Gardiner is the author of 3 secular comic books with Christian themes. In this panel he will go through the process of how he creates interesting comic book characters, with an emphasis on how the person’s moral and Christian character are engrained in their creation.
Dungeons and Dragons: Great Storytelling or Gateway to Hell? 11:30am Room 119
From a gateway to demon possession to causing suicides, Dungeons & Dragons has long been labeled as demonic in many Christian circles. But how many of us actually understand the game or how these claims came about? Join us for a panel discussion looking at D&D’s roots, our response as Christians, and the wide world of role-playing games that is booming onto the gaming scene and about to burst into popular culture. Panelist Kyle and Karyn Keene, Rachel Beck.
Ministering to Geeks and Freaks 12:00pm Room 116
Geeks and Freaks are a missionary field to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But like any other culture, one must know the culture in order to reach it. Panelists will share their experiences and strategies on how they reach out to the Geeks and Freaks. Panelist include Joe Queen (Geeky Guys/Gals 4 God), Stephen Weese (God Loves the Freaks), and Ralph Miley (Christian Comic Arts Society)
Breaking into Comics and having a Lasting Career- 12:00pm Room 120
Professional artist Jose A. Gullen will present ways to get work in the comic book industry and how to stay in the industry, which can be unstable at times. He will discuss some fireproof what to get work and how to keep the job once you’ve got it and how to avoid some of the landmines that can come along on the road while working in the industry.
Spiritual Themes in Comics 12:30am Room 119
The panel that the Christian Comic Arts Society has hosted over 21 years at Comic Con International at San Diego will make its third appearance at Alpha Omega Con V. With religion and spirituality at the forefront in movies like Wonder Woman, panelists will discuss the influence of spiritual themes in comics and pop culture in that may not on the surface have a spiritual theme. They will delve into the importance of spirituality to the culture as communicated through comics and other related media. Panelist included Travis Hanson, B. Dave Walters, Buzz Dixon, Dr. Thomas Parham, Carmi Greene and moderated by Kyle Keene.
Voice Acting 1:00pm Room 116
This is voice acting with voice actors. This will be a free lesson on voice over, including some audience participation. Panelists include Stephen Weese, Katie Leigh, and Johnathan Cook.
How to do a Dramatic Podcast 1:00pm Room 120
Podcasting has recently burst into popular culture and is growing in popularity at a rapid pace. What once started as an alternate way to listen to your favorite radio shows – like the ever-popular This American Life – is now a financially accessible medium for young and aspiring creators to tell their stories. On this panel, we’ll talk about everything from getting a home recording studio set up on the cheap, writing for audio, recording like a professional, voice acting, editing, sound effects, and getting your podcast published! Whether you have a great story that’s ready to be heard or just a healthy sense of curiosity, come and join us for this panel. Panel include Karyn Keene (producer/director), Adam Greenfield (podcast creator), Rachel Beck (writer/marketing), Jasmine Hester (voice actor) (unconfirmed), Bill Castrogiovanni (voice actor) (unconfirmed), Matthew Edwards (writer) (unconfirmed)
Harry Potter: Faith and The Wizarding World 1:30pm Room 119
A discussion about how Faith intersects with storytelling. We will explore how the moral themes surrounding the Harry Potter series illustrate or interplay with themes of Christianity, and what lessons can be learned through these reflections. Panelist include Holly Knevelbaard, Shelley Mulock, Helen Fredericks, Josh Burns, and moderated by Nathan Hall.
Million Laughs Comedy 2:00pm Room 116
Hosted by Will Morton of Million Laughs Comedy will present a clean, family friendly show (similar to what you find at any comedy club- without profanity!) The show will consist of a stand-up comedy routine.
How to Get Your Project Funded and Published 2:00pm Room120
This panel will provide information by panelists who have successfully had their projects funded and then published. Panelists will give their expertise on how advertise and develop a campaign to get projects funded. Panelist are Mike Kunkel (Herobear), Luis Serrano (Rooted Chronicles), B Dave Walters, Travis Hanson (Bean Leaf Press) and moderated by Scott A. Shuford.
Geeky Guys/Gals for God (GG4G) 2:30pm Room 119
GG4G is a ministry based out of San Diego and Anaheim, California. Member will be discussing their 6+ year history; how to start a ministry in the pop culture community; and discuss the importance of connecting with other Christians at comic book conventions to build a network for Jesus. Join us as we will also talk about the exciting future of GG4G.
Learning Basic Quenya 3:00pm Room 116
Learn the basics of Quenya (Tolkien’s Elvish language) and get in touch with your inner Hobbit! Instructed by Will Morton.
Audio Drama Live Recording 3:00pm Room 120
Ever wondered how classic audio dramas like “War of the Worlds” or “The Shadow” come to life? Join us for a live recording of “title of audio drama” a classic radio drama complete with old-fashioned SFX! Audience members will be chosen to perform as characters and to work the sound effects for an old-fashioned, great time! The live recording will be posted a few days after the con, so you can share your great performance.
From Junk to Jedi: Quality Cosplay and Prop Building on a Budget- 3:30pm Room 119
Join the Creator Cosplay Club (CCC) as they share cost saving strategies and techniques to create your next great costume or prop. They will also provide insight into how they turned a handful of thrift store items, swim noodles, foam and scrap wood, into an epic 7 foot Guardians of the Galaxy Groot costume. The CCC will also discuss serving their local church and the community with cosplay. On hand will be their Millennium Falcon cockpit display for photos. After the panel, there will be a costume/cosplay contest with prizes for most creative and best hero/villain.
Learn Koine Greek Workshop 4:00pm Room 116
Let’s read the Bible in the language God gave it! Come learn a few of the basics of Koine Greek, the language of the New Testament! Instructed by Will Morton
The Minority Report 4:00pm Room 120
Is there a place for spirituality from the point of view from people of color? With the success of such films as the Black Panther is the culture ready to hear from a different perspective? . Panelists will discuss the unique cultural perspective they bring to the overall spectrum of spirituality in comics and other media. Panelist are Kevin Grevioux, Jose Gullen, Dr. Thomas Purham, and moderated by Clint Johnson.
Cosplay Contest 4:30pm Room 119
Come to the second annual Alpha Omega Con Cosplay Contest hosted by the Geeky Guys for God. There will be prizes given for the most creative and best hero/villain cosplay.
Room 114
Table Top Game Show live feed with host, B David Walters of Geek and Sundry. B Dave will host a table top game live from Alpha Omega Con V, playing a round of table top games with friends.